Biking with Taras in Carpathians, Ukraine

If you want to experience Ukraine like few others have done before, let us invite you to the mountains of the Carpathians, and meet our biking guide Taras Pasymok, named after the greatest poet of Ukraine — Taras Shevchenko.

Biking with Taras in Carpathians, Ukraine

Taras himself is a great fan of traveling, and has been a tourist guide for the last 3 years. But Taras background is journalism, and studied for five years at Kiev National University. Back in his native, small town of Kosiv in the Carpathian Mountains, he is now working as a blogger and journalist as well as offering customer made cycling and climbing tours for our travelers.

Taras is biking almost every day, except from the winter, and has valuable local knowledge to the area: nature, daily life and customs. When he is not on his bike, you will find him playing his African djembe, or even preforming rap at a local arrangement.

His friendly personality, and if you are lucky, a taste of his herbal tea with local honey, creates a very special biking experience in Ukraine! Lets go biking Ukraine!

Linda Veraasdal

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